Help and Advice on Suspended Ceiling Lighting

Suspended Ceiling Lighting Style Guide

When it comes to transforming a room, the right lighting can make a world of difference. However, with such a variety of suspended ceiling lighting available to choose from, picking the best option for the home or workplace is often far from straightforward. 

To help, we have put together our Suspended Ceiling Lighting Style guide so you can figure out the right option for your home or business.  

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Benefits of Suspended Ceiling Lighting

Suspended ceilings provide an array of benefits, including hiding unsightly wiring and helping reduce noise. So, when it comes to installing lights, the benefits only continue to increase. 

  • Ideal for creating ambience or to draw attention to a particular area
  • Available in a wide choice of styles to suit both commercial and domestic settings
  • Lights are often easy to install and remove

Types of Suspended Ceiling Lighting

When it comes to picking a suspended ceiling light for your home or place of work, the number of options available can feel overwhelming. However, before settling on any lighting style, it is crucial to know exactly the type of light you need in your home or business.

Accent lighting

Adds enhanced light to an area of the home.

Ambient lighting

Covers a large area and is commonly used as the primary source of light.

Task lighting

Designed for areas with the intention to be used for a particular task, such as cooking or dining.

Varieties of Suspended Ceiling Lighting

Once you have settled on the type of suspended ceiling lighting for your property, the next step is to look at the array of varieties available.

LED Recessed Lighting

A commonly used suspended ceiling lighting option, LED recessed lights are easy to install and are one of the most cost-effective options currently on the market. LED recessed lights function well throughout the home, though it is in smaller rooms or those looking to draw attention to a particular feature where the lights work best.

Gimbal Recessed Lighting

Much like LED recessed lights, gimbal recessed lights are also energy-efficient and straightforward to install. However, gimbal recessed lights are also adjustable in terms of brightness, making them a flexible option ideal for family homes.

Cove Lighting

Typically fitted into the vaults of a suspended ceiling, cove lights are a popular option for creating a warm and subtle brightness within a room. Cove lights also combine well with other lights, such as floor lamps or chandeliers, to help create a variety of lighting effects within a room.

Flush Mount Lighting

An excellent option for covering a large area, such as a hallway or open-plan room, flush mount lights are cost-effective and perfect for helping create a sense of ambience. The lights are ideal for suspended ceilings due to the lighting fitting sitting so close to the ceiling, while their minimalist look also ensures they work well with just about any style of room.

Back-lit Ceiling Panels

Made-to-measure and straightforward to install, back-lit ceiling panels are an easy option for those looking to create a warm and natural lighting environment within the home or workplace.

Track Lighting

Perfect for those undecided on whether to install accent, ambient or task lighting, track lights offer the advantages of all three types of suspended ceiling lighting due to their versatility. Commonly used in commercial settings, track lights allow for a large area to be covered with ease, such as a hallway, or to focus on a particular spot, such as an architectural feature.

Pendant Lighting

Suspended from the ceiling much like a chandelier, pendant lights are ideal for those looking to add a statement piece or to create layered lighting within a room. However, unlike a chandelier, pendant lights only have one light source, though this makes them a good option for highlighting a particular area, such as a dining room table or kitchen sink. Pendant lighting typically comes in two styles, drop – where the light faces downwards, and inverted – where the light is focused upwards to create an effect on the ceiling.

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