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Suspended ceilings for domestic clients in Surrey & South West London

Suspended ceilings are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for new build projects and also with homeowners looking to remodel or renovate a space.


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What is a suspended ceiling

Alternatively known as false ceilings, drop ceilings or hanging ceilings, the suspended ceiling is a simple, yet attractive method of giving a room a new lease of life. A B Ceilings offers a bespoke service that starts with the design and ends with full installation.

A choice of suspended ceiling solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all suspended ceiling solution and nobody knows that better than us. We offer a range of hand-tailored ceiling solutions for customers based in Croydon, Epsom, Guildford, Kingston, Leatherhead, Reigate, Sutton and beyond. Whether it is a grid and tile ceiling to allow immediate access to the cavity behind, or a metal frame ceiling constructed from plasterboard panels and a metal framework, A B Ceilings has a raft of versatile suspended ceilings that can all be adapted to meet your needs.

Your Ceiling your way

A suspended ceiling doesn’t just offer a modern, sleek finish to your room – it enables you to make essential design choices from the outset that will save you both time and money. • Illuminate: the freedom to choose how to incorporate lighting. False ceilings give you unlimited lighting options from large 600 x 600 led light fittings, to scattered spotlights or adjustable mood lighting. With a false ceiling there are no limitations.
• Listen: why not include a state-of-the-art speaker system that can fill your new space with songs by your favourite artists. A suspended ceiling makes this easy.
• Relax: security is an important consideration these days and a suspended ceiling offers the perfect space to place those all-important cameras.

And don’t forget...

Once those lights, speakers and cameras are in place, a suspended ceiling is the perfect place to safely conceal any untidy wires. All the cabling is housed neatly in the cavity between the old and the new ceiling, out of sight, but easily accessible when necessary.

LED lighting modern kitchen. Suspended glossy ceiling.
Relax comfortably surrounded with luxury

Added efficiencies

• Reduce: false ceilings have the potential to absorb sounds from the room in which they are placed. This means you can truly enjoy your newly-installed speakers without unduly disturbing others.
• Boost: your bank account - heat loss is also greatly lessened by a suspended ceiling, as the new cavity acts as an insulating layer between this room and whatever lies above. A quality installation can see a reduction in your energy use, which is good for your finances, as well as the environment.

A modern look

As well as the practicalities, there’s no denying that a suspended ceiling looks fantastic. It can give a room a whole new look. There are numerous options to consider at the design stage in terms of colours, configurations and construction. But no matter what your preference, pattern or price, A B Ceilings is on hand to help you every step of the way.

Interior of a modern dinning room with a long white table and ba

Where can I have a suspended ceiling?

With adequate attention paid at the design stage, there is no reason you cannot have a suspended ceiling in any room in your house. Whether you want ambient lighting in the bedroom, or super surround sound system in the living room, a false ceiling can help achieve the desired effect.

Bathroom ceilings

A popular choice that makes perfect sense. After all, it is the one room in the house that is guaranteed to be exposed to water. Having all wires and lighting neatly tucked out of harm’s way a suspended ceiling is the ideal solution.

Kitchen ceilings

As well as steam, water and moisture, the kitchen is also home to a great deal of cooking kit. What could be better than concealing such things as an extractor fan with a sleek, new ceiling? A really good quality tile to use in kitchens and bathrooms is Satin Spar as it has a wipe clean vinyl surface.

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