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Ceilings 101: Your Complete Guide to Ceilings

When it comes to redecorating our homes, we all think long and hard about our floors and walls, but many of us overlook our ceilings. However, this does not need to be the case – as the reason many neglect their ceiling is simply because they are unaware of the different types of ceiling available.

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Types of Ceiling

The world of ceilings is varied, and there is plenty of choice available for all manner of properties. In our guide, we cover a number of ceiling installation options to help you decide on the one that is right for you.

Suspended Ceilings

Otherwise known as false, hanging or drop ceilings, suspended ceilings work well with all property types. Available in a variety of styles, including grid and tile systems and metal frame systems, suspended ceilings are installed by being suspended from the structural ceiling. This new suspended ceiling offers up an array of benefits, including being able to hide plumbing and wiring from view.

Vaulted Ceilings

Ideal for making a room brighter and helping create the illusion of space, vaulted ceilings come in several styles, including pitched brick, rib and barrel-vaulted. However, to have a vaulted ceiling installed, the property must already have a relatively high ceiling to start.

Shed Ceilings

While not as steep as a vaulted ceiling, shed ceilings are a popular option for smaller rooms due to having a slanted roof going up one side to create extra space. Shed roofs do not have such a steep incline as a vaulted ceiling, and as such, are typically found in smaller rooms like lofts or attic spaces.

Domestic Ceilings

Beamed Ceilings

One of the more popular types of ceiling for adding character to a room, beamed ceilings typically involve exposing the joints used for the original property structure. As such, beamed ceilings are more common in older buildings, where the beams often still stand as part of the original structure. Though for modern property owners looking to create the same impression, faux beams are available. However, for anyone considering a beamed ceiling, it is crucial to ensure there is plenty of headspace available, as adding beams can leave the room feeling smaller than it is.

Tray Ceilings

Another ceiling type ideal for creating a focal point within a property, tray ceilings get their name due to the central area of the ceiling being raised, leaving a border around the outside of the room. While tray ceilings do not possess any practical benefits, their design makes them a fashionable option for those looking to give their room a unique touch.

Stretch Ceilings

Resistant to moisture and providing good sound insulation, stretch ceilings are typically made from PVC-based material and are very versatile. The ceiling's anti-static properties also ensure it does not collect dust, making it a popular choice for buildings where hygiene is of the highest importance, such as in hospitals, restaurants and leisure centres.

Exposed Ceilings

Once more commonly associated with tired warehouses, exposed ceilings have become a trend in their own right, becoming a popular choice for those after a contemporary look. So-called due to the 'exposed' nature of the ceiling that leaves pipes and wires on display, exposed ceilings are a great contemporary option for those looking to add character and create space. However, exposed ceilings do come with some downsides, such as making it much harder to heat a room.

Tongue & Groove Ceilings

Those looking for a straightforward ceiling installation will find that tongue and groove ceilings make a great choice. Consisting of a system of boards, tongue and groove ceilings are so-called as each board has a 'tongue' shape along one side and a 'groove' on the other. These indentations allow for the boards to easily connect, which makes them relatively straightforward to install. The boards themselves are also generally inexpensive and available in various woods, making them ideal for all interior styles.

Types of Ceiling Material

Once the type of ceiling to suit your style has been decided, the next step is to choose the best material for the project. There are many types of ceiling material available, with all offering up their own benefits and disadvantages.

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